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Published Date: 31/12/2015

MINI 5 Door Cooper S

Fans of the MINI love the personalisation options available.

They may worry that this has gone missing in the translation to a more grown-up model. The 5 door hatchback, with more boot space and more seating space available to make it a more practical car, seems a little more mature - but there's still plenty of ways to make your MINI your own!

Heated windscreen

With winter in full swing, the heated screen is a godsend. Not only will it dispatch with a fully iced-up windscreen in double-quick time - so you don't have to deal with the hassle and chapped hands of scraping - but it makes short work of fogging too. 

Panoramic sunroof

Day or night, a panoramic sunroof enhances any car, allowing more light into the cabin than would normally be possible. In the absence of a convertible version of the MINI 5 door, the panoramic sunroof adds an element of the open air feeling while retaining the cultured quietness of a hard-topped car.

Head-up display

Positioning in front of the driver and containing all of the vital information they need, the head-up display is both a terrific safety aid and unique to this sector. With full colour speed, road sign, cruise control and satnav information, right in front of you, you'll never need to take your eyes off the road. 

Storage pack

Although the MINI 5 door is a more practical car already, it can be made even more practical with the storage compartment pack. This option adds a two-part load-compartment floor, 4 extra lashing eyelets and a floor net. For simple loading and unloading, the loading shelf can be fixed in place behind the rear seats.

Electronic Damper Control

The EDC system adds a driver-controlled dynamic suspension setup. When set to Mid or Green modes, the EDC provides a more comfortable ride than the standard suspension, and a Sport mode makes for a firm and responsive drive for those who want more fun in their MINI.

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