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Published Date: 20/05/2015

The MINI John Cooper Works GP Mk 2 was the fastest MINI ever made. 

The highly-acclaimed model had the power and performance to make it as much fun as any car on the roads. And still does.
With a price tag of £28,790, okay, it was of the most expensive MINIs you could buy. But boy, is it was worth it. And here’s why.

Mean looks

With its large front grille dominating the front end, there is no doubting the car looks very mean… and in a good way. Add the slightly wider body kit, lowered stance and a red front vent, and you have a car that shouts ‘I AM FAST’. There is something about a slightly-modified MINI that is really, very attractive…

Cool alloys

What good is a mean-looking car without some mean-looking alloys to match? Thankfully, MINI got the combination spot on with black, four-spoke wheels, which were exclusive to the GP. And they even leave enough of a gap to show off the red brake callipers that just add to the sporty look.

Twin big-bore exhausts

The rear end of the JCW GP is already to die for, but the twin big-bore exhaust system puts the icing on the cake. Not only does it look great, they also generate a sound you could listen to all day. Make sure you don’t get too close – it’s very loud!

Colour Scheme

As far as colour combinations go, there were few better than the John Cooper Works GP. The main body of the car is grey with a lighter grey roof but it is the little drops of red that really make the car so attractive. Any more red and it would have been ruined… it’s a perfect combination.

Stylish MINI interior

There are no flashy gadgets in the cabin of the GP. Because it doesn’t need them. This is part of its style. Inside, the hint of red theme continues, with everything else black or grey, other than a few trims and the top of the gearstick. Simplicity at its finest. Sit in comfort and enjoy the ride…


Only 2,000 John Cooper Works GP were made and only 459 of them were sold in the UK, which makes the car extremely rare. If you are lucky enough to own one, or even see one, then make the most of it, because you are part of an elite group. It is its rarity that is likely to see it becoming a valuable, classic car of the future.

It’s quick

Its turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine gives the driver 218 horsepower at his disposal. Put your foot down hard enough and you will go from 0-62 in 6.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 150mph. All of this performance squeezed into a MINI… quite remarkable.


It’s all well and good being the quickest MINI ever, but it is pointless if it can’t handle itself round a corner. For the GP, this is no problem; the back end stays stable no matter how fast you corner it, and the brakes are enough to bring a plane to a halt. Despite all the power, it is a real Mini at heart…

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