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Published Date: 30/11/2015

When it comes to consumer satisfaction, MINI is the name to beat.

MINI Hatch 3 and 5 door

The German automobile club ADAC - the largest automobile club in Europe with over 18 million members - surveyed more than 20,000 motorists whose current vehicle was registered for the first time between October 2011 and December 2014.

The survey looked at areas that include driving performance, comfort, safety, environmental compatibility, fittings and price and the customer's after-sales service experience to generate what ADAC refers to as the Customer Barometer - a measure of how satisfied the consumer is with the ownership experience for their vehicle.

For this year's ADAC Customer Barometer, the MINI was ranked first in the small car class with an overall score of 79.8 per cent - a small improvement on its result of the previous year.

Owners of the new MINI rated the car highest for driving enjoyment, while they gave higher ratings than before in the category for controls and comfort. Increase materials quality and fitment have also helped the MINI gain ground in the value for money section of the survey. 

Achieving a top ranking in the ADAC Customer Barometer is evidence that by opting for driving fun and individual flair, MINI has created a car that leads to increased consumer satisfaction. This desirability leads to buoyant resale values too, so customers remain happy even when it's time to part with the car... for a newer MINI, of course!

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