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Published Date: 17/06/2015

When you see a classic MINI drive past, are you like us?

You can’t help but think of that great 1969 film The Italian Job – the movie which made stars of the little cars, which were used as excellent getaway vehicles.

Seeing what the MINI could do, and where it could go, while being driven by some of the coolest actors on the planet made the car a real style icon – and turned the MINI into one of the most popular images on posters around the world.

And Michael Caine, of course, uttered perhaps the world’s most-recognisable movie quote in history: ‘You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off…’

But the little MINIs were the film’s real stars.

Take yourself back to the scene where the MINIs are driving over the roof of a building with the police hot on their heels. The three MINIs split up and lose the police with ease, thanks to their swift acceleration and great handling.

And what about when they are effortlessly driven down the steps before entering the sewers? It showed off the cars’ excellent suspension and proved just how nimble they were.

And in another scene, the MINIs flashed past tables and then weaved in and out of people on the pavements. The MINI took it all in its stride.

Perhaps the most iconic scene of the whole film is when the MINIs are seen driving through the sewers, flashing past with front lights and fog lights blazing.

As the film ends, the cars accelerate behind a bus, and three of them fit neatly inside. That’s the beauty of the MINI – it can fit in tiny spaces.

The MINI has been an icon since then.

And the look of the car may be more modern these days, but they’re no less nimble – and probably even more fun to drive!

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