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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 28/09/2016

At Cooper MINI, we are always try to give our customers the best deal possible so that they can own the MINI they want.

Inchcape Mini Cooper

Whether you decide to buy one outright, or decide to finance your MINI over a set period of time, we have options to cater for your needs.

We provide three different finance options to suit you, and from these you can choose the length of time you want to keep your MINI and also if you want to keep it at all. These choices cover both our new and approved used vehicles, so you can always get the car you want.

MINI Select is our most popular finance product at Cooper MINI, as it gives our customers the most flexibility throughout their contract. When you choose which MINI suits you, you tell us how long you want the repayment period to be and agree a limit on your mileage allowance. We then work out the final value of the car at the end of the contract and we will then work out a deposit and monthly payments to ensure you can afford it.

When the agreement is finished, you can choose to pay the final payment and keep the car, part exchange it for a newer model or hand the car back at no extra cost to you – just as long the car is in an acceptable state and the agreed mileage has not been surpassed. This agreement helps you with spending less on maintenance costs, lower monthly payments with extra gadgets fitted and a guaranteed minimum future value so you know what you’re paying at the end if you choose to keep your MINI.

MINI Purchase is simplest option available, as at the end of the monthly payments you keep the car. By spreading the costs over a set period of time, you can have all the gadgets you want fitted to your model of choice. As long as all the payments are made on time, you keep the car at the end. This fixed budgeting helps you to make paying for your car easy and with no set mileage on the car, you can take wherever you like.

Suited for business customers, the MINI Contract Hire option gives the consumer a choice to which MINI they want without the obligation to buy or sell at the end of the contract. Business customers can also claim up to 50 per cent off the VAT with the contract hire option.

At the end of the agreed contract, Cooper MINI simply picks up the car, leaving you with nothing extra to pay – providing the car is in an agreeable condition. This option gives you fixed, no hassle payments, it means there's no need to worry about depreciation of the vehicle and also the option to add maintenance packages means reduce upkeep costs.

All of these options are available through our Cooper MINI Centres, and if you need any help with your decision-making, contact your nearest dealership who will help you out with any queries you may have.

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