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Published Date: 18/02/2016

Defy Labels Super Bowl Ad

Cars, like people, are subject to stereotyping - some far worse than others. With this in mind, MINI has taken action to deconstruct stereotypes on perhaps the largest stage of all.

The “Defy Labels” Super Bowl spot has been designed to re-engineer people's thoughts on the brand, the car and each other. Featuring a star-studded cast including Serena Williams, Harvey Keitel and T-Pain amongst others, the ad shows each guest quoting statements typically made about MINIs.

Defy Labels Super Bowl Ad
The advert acknowledges the labels levelled against MINI - it's a chick's car, or it's a car for small people - but has the cast deliver them in such a way as to let the viewer know just how wrong they are. Having the 6 foot 3 inch Tony Hawk sarcastically tell you his MINI hatch is a car only for short people rams the message home.

Alongside the celebrity and athlete commentators, the ad spot features non-celebrity MINI owners and members of the MINI John Cooper Works race team. It's all about not letting others define you or what you choose to drive.

MINI is on a mission to develop, build and sell quality vehicles for everyone and this advert is indicative of their devotion to the message: whoever or whatever you are, a MINI could be the car for you. With the Paceman, Countryman and new Clubman offering a more grown-up and sophisticated selection of vehicles, MINI is the brand that defies labels.

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