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Published Date: 17/07/2016

MINI has had an illustrious history, producing many famous models that have become motoring icons.

Mini Vision next 100

But as with any industry or company, MINI must look to the future and in conjunction with parent company BMW, MINI has produced what it thinks the company's cars will look like in the distant future.

The MINI Vision Next 100 takes many design cues from today’s models, but adds a decidedly ultramodern twist that makes it look revolutionary.

In keeping with many of MINI's base concepts, such as the go kart-like setup with all four wheels out in the corners of the car to keep it as manoeuvrable as possible, the Next 100 also uses many predicted technologies to make sure it is a simple and usable as possible.

The doors can be opened via lights beamed onto the floor and when you interact with them by stepping on them, you can choose between opening the doors or the boot.

Also the driving position can be altered to how and where you want to sit in the car, as the pedals and the steering wheel slide to where you want them to be.

At the heart of the car is the Cooperiser, which controls the driving mood and communicates with the driver through colour changes, so that you are in the right driving mode at the right time. It also offers great personalisation options, so your MINI suits you as much as possible.

The wheels are also a great design element, with the hub face based on a clock and when in motion creates an 'ombro-cinema' effect to show off the beautifully colourful element to the Vision 100.

One feature that sets this MINI apart however is the fact that it can be shared by everyone, with the Cooperiser recognising you when you come close to the vehicle and opening the doors with your own personal greeting, no matter which MINI you are using.

This design is rather special and with 100 years to see how the car industry will develop, could this be the design of the future?

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