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Published Date: 02/05/2016

MINI Driving Mode

MINIs are known for their customisable nature, and in the iconic shape of the MINI Hatch, you can add plenty to make this recognisable vehicle your own.

With 10 million combinations of features and packs available to you, it could be difficult to choose the best and most useful features for you.

So here is a quick guide to some of the more popular options, and hopefully they can help you decide which ones are right for you.

MINI Tech Pack

To get all the features you need to stay connected, the best way to get them all and save money is through the MINI Tech Pack. Filled with 9 features to keep you informed, entertained and safe on the road, the Tech Pack includes MINI Connected XL, full Navigation System, Bluetooth with USB Audio, and Rear View Camera.

MINI Connected XL is the full infotainment that MINI offers, and includes the XL Journey Mate application, which you connect to your MINI so you can plan ahead with journeys, reminders and calendar events so that you stay up to date whilst on the go. You can also online search, have tweets and messages read out to you, and connect your music services such as Spotify and Deezer to your stereo system.

Also available is a Head-Up Display so you can keep your eyes on the road and keep your speed correctly, an updated sport steering wheel with multiple controls to regulate your Connected XL and infotainment systems, and a Harman Kardon Hi-Fi system to maximise your music. This option is £2,450 for the nine high quality options.

Panoramic Glass Sun Roof

To add light and atmosphere to your MINI, the Panoramic Glass Sun Roof is both a vent roof and a sliding roof, so that you can have it perform as you want. Also fitted with a wind deflector and sun visor, it can be opened automatically with one touch of a button or via remote control so you can set it at the right place. This top quality option is £675.

Bike Rack Preparation

If you are a keen cyclist and need to take your bicycle with you a lot of the time, this option is for you. By adding mounting points on the rear apron, you can add any of the MINI Accessory Range, such as our bike carriers, just transport your two-wheeled pedal powered vehicle to the back securely and you can get on your way. For just £110, you can add this feature, which when not in use can be covered up.

MINI Driving Mode

Instead of the single driving mode that you would normally get in the standard Hatch, with the driving modes feature you create three modes so that you can drive in the way you see fit when you want to. With GREEN, MID and SPORT modes, you can drive the way you want.

GREEN mode helps drivers to achieve the best fuel efficiency possible by controlling the systems that vastly affect economy, such as air conditioning and energy management, as well as prompting gearshifts. Along with the MINIMALISM analyser, GREEN mode helps to save you money at the pump. MID mode is the standard driving mode that gives the thoroughly enjoyable MINI experience that many are used to. SPORT mode adds responsiveness to the throttle and steering actions to add a sportier feel and make your MINI Hatch feel more agile.

With the pack, an LED ring is fitted around the Central Instrument and it acts differently depending on which mode you are in. In SPORT mode it becomes a rev-counter, in MID mode a speedometer and in GREEN mode the MINIMALISM analyser. This feature is added for £210.

Automatic Air Conditioning

The sensors fitted with the Automatic Air Conditioning system automatically establish the right temperature and then regulates the airflow so that you aren’t too hot or cold. The driver and front passenger can regulate the temperature, whilst an active carbon filtration system keeps odours out. Depending on the air quality outside the car, the system can automatically switch to air circulation mode. This extra is £325.

To find out more about the features available on your Hatch or any of the other MINIs and options in the range, contact your nearest Cooper MINI dealership.

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