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Published Date: 13/10/2017

The MINI range - and MINIs themselves - aren’t as ‘mini’ as they used to be. Meaning they have a lot more space inside for the things that come with life. Whether that’s coffee cups and chocolate wrappers, or child seats and pushchairs.

But daily life is busy, and if you’re not careful, your car’s interior can rapidly deteriorate into something akin to an episode of Hoarders. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of car organising hacks – no matter how big, or mini, your motor.

1. Cereal container trash can

If you’re one of the countless Brits who spends much of their working day in the car, and find yourself dining ‘al steering wheel’ with a degree of regularity, we bet your passenger footwell is awash with empty coffee cups, crisp packets and sandwich wrappers.

They look unsightly, but can also add an unpleasant tangy smell to the interior. So instead, place a large plastic cereal container, lined with a plastic bag, in the footwell instead. It’s a great way of collecting rubbish that you can throw away in moments, and the click-lockable lid will take care of any smells.

2. Shower caddy fluids organiser

Bottles of engine oil, windscreen washer fluid and whatnot – they live in your garden shed or garage. But if you don’t have a garden shed or garage, they probably live in the boot. Stand them upright in a shower caddy to stop them sliding around, and prevent spills that can damage the carpet lining.

3. Cupholder change jar

Loose bits and bobs can clutter up your centre console, and make standing a drink in a cupholder trickier than necessary. Place an old jam jar in one cupholder to catch all your loose change, receipts, sweets and chewing gum, and everything will be much more organised.

4. Shower cap mud guards

Dog walker? Kids play football? Use cheap shower caps to hold muddy boots and sports gear, and protect your carpet lining from dirt.

5. Carabiner clothes pegs

Carabiners – those things that climbers use – can multiply your available carrying space if you need to carry lots of smart clothing, or delicate items that you’d rather not stow on the floor. Attach them to your car’s grab handles or headrest poles, then just hook on your bags. Voila.

6. Toothbrush holders on rear windows

One for parents: attach a suck-on toothbrush holder to rear windows to keep children’s bits and bobs organised, like crayons and small toys. Just be mindful to not place them in your blind-spot, and take care to avoid anything sitting at head level in case of an accident.

7. Tissue box shopping bag dispenser

Always forgetting your Bags For Life? Fill an old tissue box with grocery bags and store it in the car – either in the boot (for when you go shopping) or in the cabin (for when you need rubbish bags pronto). You’ll also find yourself with a never-ending supply of refills, we bet.

And a bonus one…

Official MINI accessories

MINI is also helping you stay organised. The MINI Countryman Family Pack, for instance, includes the MINI Back Seat Storage Bag, Travel & Comfort System Base Carrier & holder for iPad mini, and the MINI USB Charger and Adapter. It’s just one of a variety of accessories available to help your car organised.

Contact a member of the team at your nearest Cooper MINI location to learn what’s available for your model.

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