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Published Date: 06/10/2017

The world is a big and strange place – and when it comes to the rules of the road from one country to another, it shows. Perhaps you’re going away and want to check if there are any quirks to the law of the roads you’ll be cruising along, or maybe you just enjoy reading about the weird and wonderful; either way, here are eight bizarre driving laws from around the world.

Lane hogging in Singapore

People who hog overtaking lanes are a real bugbear for millions of UK drivers. What you might not know is that nowadays you can actually receive a fine and points on your license for doing it. However, this pales into significance compared to Singapore, where you could get three months in jail for the offence. Inappropriate use of fog lights can lead to the same sentence, so make sure you keep on your toes if you’re driving there.

Topless driving in Thailand

It’s against the law for both men and women to drive shirtless in Thailand, and you can be fined for doing so. This is understandable for motorcyclists, but seems a little harsh if you’re driving a car in the heat. It’s different to Germany, where your car’s designated as your own personal space. You can be as naked as the day you were born while at the wheel, but you’ll have to cover up for getting out of course.

Drink-riding in Japan

Japan has some of the strictest drink-driving laws going, and these even apply to passengers. If you ride with a driver who gets caught over the limit, you’ll be in for a fine too - even if you weren’t even aware your driver had broken the law. You’ll hope for little rain when driving in the Land of the Rising Sun, for splashing pedestrians with water from a puddle can also bring a fine. 

Whereas in Beijing…

Over in China, they’re not quite so considerate when it comes to pedestrians. In the capital Beijing, it’s illegal to stop for people trying to cross the road. We’re leaning towards running the risk of a fine as opposed to not stopping for a brave crosser.

Don’t stop on Germany’s Autobahns

The German Autobahn is famous for sections of unregulated speed limits, where you can drive as fast as you want. But less well known is the fact that it’s illegal to stop on the Autobahn if you run out of petrol. This is judged to be a human error, so worthy of a fine.

There has to be a light that never goes out

In Nordic countries such as Finland and Sweden, you must have your headlights on at all times. It doesn’t matter what time of day or season it is, that’s all day every day. During winter, it’s compulsory to have some antifreeze in your windscreen fluid and a shovel, as well as the right tyres of course.

No thrilla if you’re in the wrong part of Manila

Drivers in the capital of the Philippines are limited as to where and when they can drive by their license number. These restrictions are aimed at reducing pollution and combatting the seasonal flooding brought about by typhoons, which we imagine must be frustrating. 

Blind leading the blind

In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded. We’re not sure of the circumstances that led to the passing of this law, but it sounds like it’d be a cracker. On the subject of eyesight, it’s compulsory to have a spare pair of glasses with you if you’re driving in Spain, just in case the ones you’re wearing let you down.

If you’ve come across some weird and wonderful rules of the road while driving your MINI abroad, why not share our blog and let your followers know what you’ve experienced too. 

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