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Winter driving can be extremely challenging, especially during Great British adventures and commutes. We can’t think of a better way to stay in control and feel safe on the roads during the winter months than driving one of our MINI All4 vehicles.

Our incredible ALL4 all-wheel drive system is available within our popular MINI Clubman, Countryman and Paceman models. It has been specifically designed to provide maximum control and helps MINI drivers to brave the harshest of conditions with confidence, never compromising robust road capabilities for stylish looks.

Rest-assured that you’ll be safer and closer to the road beneath you, thanks to the added benefit of peerless traction with MINI ALL4. And at Cooper, we’re ALL4 that.

Cooper MINI ALL4 Range

The MINI Clubman ALL4.

Whether you’ve fallen in love with the MINI Cooper S Clubman ALL4 or the MINI Cooper SD Clubman ALL4, three things are consistent across the range: sleek lines, original features and superior handling.

The MINI Clubman ALL4 has been specifically engineered to keep you connected with the roads beneath you at all times. Our forward-thinking MINI Head-up Display presents the driver with a transparent panel of information in front of the windscreen, still providing an exceptional view of the road ahead. Additionally, the MINI Centre Instrument (designed to deliver technology features/online services) is surrounded by an LED ring which changes colour in response to activities.

Besides its extremely stylish exterior, the MINI Clubman also delivers a selection of safety features, including: Parking Assistant and an Electric Parking Brake. But that’s not all... the new cockpit also includes new leather Chester seating and diamond-pattern stitching.

Cooper MINI ALL4 Range

Meet the MINI Countryman ALL4.

It’s easy to choose your perfect MINI ALL4 from four Countryman models, including the MINI Cooper Countryman ALL4, MINI Cooper D Countryman ALL4, MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 and MINI Cooper SD Countryman ALL4.

Every inch of the rugged MINI Countryman ALL4 exterior has been engineered to perfection. Just take a look at the masculine proportions/distinctively MINI design, and you’ll instantly recognise the explorative spirit built into this model's core. Acknowledged for being a true powerhouse, this MINI easily delivers heart-racing power, along with improved road control in the most challenging driving conditions. And with the remarkable fuel efficiency and trademark MINI ‘go-kart’ handling to suit, it’s no surprise that the inclusion of our renowned ALL4 technology has made this MINI a popular choice for off-road adventures. Our four-wheel drive system takes your driving style into account, calculating optimal torque and directing this towards the rear axle.

Cooper MINI ALL4 Range

The MINI Paceman ALL4.

Make your next adventure one to remember in the MINI of your dreams. If you require maximum road grip across all four wheels, especially in adverse driving conditions, we would suggest either the MINI Cooper Paceman ALL4, MINI Cooper S Paceman ALL4 or MINI Cooper SD Paceman ALL4.

In addition to featuring MINI ALL4 and a roaring engine that’s capable of hitting a thrilling top speed, the sleek and sculpted MINI Paceman provides go-kart handling on the sharpest of bends and delivers remarkable fuel efficiency. But that’s not all... we like to refer to the interior as the ‘Members’ Lounge’ due to the level of luxurious styling equally distributed between four spacious individual seats. Although classic looking, thanks to the addition of round dials/a central speedometer, this MINI has been redesigned to ooze sophistication and MINI heritage. A sloping roof, smooth rear end and choice of nine solid or metallic hues ensure this MINI’s sculpted exterior is just as stylish as the interior. 


Our tailored ‘Drive It Your Way’ test drive experiences help you to choose what, when and where you would like to drive. So whether you’re interested in facing the commute to work or want to take an off-road adventure, you’re welcome to do so in the ALL4 model of your choice.