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Is it time to update your MINI? If you’re looking to sell your current MINI and you would like to get the best value possible, we have our very own Used Car Specialist Buyers that will assess your vehicle and quickly make you an offer.

MINI owners are very special people. They recognise an innovative little car that is packed with great ideas and oozing style which is how they become MINI owners in the first place. However, at some point they will want to upgrade or simply ‘experience a change’. This is where we come in. We mirror the enthusiasm for a used MINI that the owners themselves possess which is why we would like to buy yours from you. Is your MINI of British origins? Does it have less than 80,000 miles on the clock? Is it younger than 8 years? Is it in reasonable condition? (By reasonable condition we mean no terminal damage) Has it been regularly serviced by MINI approved service centres?

If this is the case with your MINI, contact us now on the form below with your details and the details of your car (be as open as possible – it saves on disappointment on both sides!) and we will quickly get back to you with an offer. If you have factory fitted optional extras or modifications, let us know that too – it might just add value to your car.

If you are looking to replace this MINI with another vehicle, we can often assist you with that so please let us know – you may just get all the services you need under one roof, so to speak. We will also come and take your car away for you once a price has been settled upon. Talk to us at Cooper MINI and get the best possible deal for your used MINI.

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*Our online valuation software uses industry-leading, independent market valuations to give you three indications of value based on your view of condition. The exact final valuation of your vehicle is subject to inspection at one of our retail centres. **Subject to settlement of any outstanding finance on your car. All valuations are subject to our expert inspection, a satisfactory provenance / ownership check and cars must have an up to date manufacturer service history. Although it is a rare occurrence we reserve the right to decline any car as a part exchange